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Two new councillors join town council

This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 at 11:44 am.

WESTBURY has two new town councillors, David Bradshaw and Ian Cunningham.

The two councillors were voted in during the by-election for the Laverton Ward on Thursday 24th May. The vacancies arose after the resignations of Dorian Jones and Marie Pope.

David Bradshaw, Conservative, said, “I thank all of you who voted for me. I am proud to have been elected as one of your town councillors. Although I have been a resident of Westbury for a comparatively short time (five years) I like to feel that I have become part of the community being chairman of Westbury & District PROBUS, member of the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship, and I am part of All Saints and Holy Saviour Churches congregation.

“My first priority is to get to know my fellow councillors, their views and concerns. Party politics should not stand in the way of our pursuits and the town council must strive to work harmoniously together for the good of the Westbury townsfolk. This to me is paramount. Other issues important to me are leisure, education, parking, infrastructure, and public transport. I will do my level best to ensure these priorities are relentlessly pursued to the highest level.”

Ian Cunningham, Independent, has lived in Westbury for five years and has run an IT training businesses for 25 years, which employs staff in the UK and abroad. Ian said, “I am, of course, very pleased to have been elected and thank all those who voted on Thursday. My priorities will be to work with the councillors and organisations in the town to get the best we can for Westbury. I am particularly concerned about opportunities for learning and work for young people. I recognise that most of decisions affecting Westbury come from outside the town but will do my best to push Westbury to the front.”